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Yuletide Letter 2011

Yuletide 2011

coming soon.

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you in advance for whatever you plan on writing for me! & I’m really excited that you’re writing a fic in one of my requested fandoms. The fact that we share fandoms automatically makes you Awesome.

Rather than provide a convoluted list of things I enjoy reading, here is a general list of things I would really rather not have included in the fic you write for me:

- incest
- explicit underage (under 16) sexual activity
- mpreg
- schoomp
- non-con
- character bashing
- unexplained OoCness

Avoid those and you’re Golden.

In this post I’ve also included my optional details and more information on them. As the section title implies, none of these are obligatory, they’re just ideas that I thought might help.

01. Quantum Leap
¬ Al Calavcci
  • Al seems to have extensive knowledge of most skills that Sam needs during a leap, (or slept with/dated/married someone with a vast knowledge of a specific field). Maybe you could write a story detailing one of his many experiences?
  • Or maybe a story that delves a bit more into Al's Navy experiences (boot camp, deployment, return)?
- Al's innumerable first-hand experiences remind me of Eliot's (Levergae) improbable flashbacks, so I'm really interested in what led to these experiences. If that doesn't seem like something you want to write I'd be just as satisfied with an episode-style story, with Al helping Sam put right what once went wrong.

02. Suits (TV)
¬ Louis Litt
  • I'm not too sure why, but Louis is a favourite character of mine. So any story involving him would be amazing.
- I'm very aware that this vague prompt is vague, but that's only because I ship Louis with pretty much every main character on the show, and I've accepted the fact that no-one else in the fandom does. Therefore a gen-fic with Louis as the centric character would make me unashamedly gleeful.
From what I've seen on tumblr, most of the fandom tend to ship Harvey/Mike. If you do too, maybe you could examine their friendship/relationship through Louis' point of view? Just please, whatever you decide, no (OoC) character bashing.

03. Walking Dead (TV)
¬ Daryl Dixon, Glenn (Walking Dead)
  • Basically, I ship Daryl/Glenn. But anything involving these two, be it shippy or gen, would make me ridiculously happy.
- Another really vague prompt because I don't have any specific ideas for this show; I would honestly love anything with these two in it.

04. The Pacific
¬ Merriell "Snafu" Shelton, Eugene Sledge
  • I think Snafu is absolutely amazing, so anything involving him would make me dizzingly pleased. Maybe a story set pre-war? Or even post war: what about a story where Eugene invites Snafu around for dinner with his family?
  • Maybe you could write a missing scene where Snafu & Eugene already said their goodbyes and exchanged contact details before Eugene fell asleep?
- I was first introduced to Snafu via quotes, & at first I was like "who's Snafu and why is he being so mean to Sledge?" But then I met him on screen and he was awesome. I'd be interested in a character study of Snafu: his life philosophy and how he applies that in non-combat situations. Honestly though, absolutely anything Snafu-related would make me happy.

If any of this sounds dauntingly precise, just remember that they’re more like guidelines. Feel free to alter anything that you think might hinder your creativity, or if you have another plot idea, feel free to disregard this post all together. I don’t want you to feel limited in what you can write, so let me just state that the order of this list in no way reflects a preference of one fandom over the other; I love them all equally. This is supposed to be a fun challenge, so don’t stress & enjoy it. To be honest, I’m just excited that someone is taking the time to write a fic for me, so I’ll be overly-happy with anything you write.