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Yuletide Letter 2010

Yuletide 2010

coming soon.

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you in advance for whatever you plan on writing for me! & I’m really excited that you’re writing a fic in one of my requested fandoms. The fact that we share fandoms automatically makes you Awesome.

Rather than provide a convoluted list of things I enjoy reading, here is a general list of things I would really rather not have included in the fic you write for me:

- incest
- explicit underage (under 16) sexual activity
- mpreg
- schoomp/fluff
- character bashing
- unexplained OoCness

Avoid those and you’re Golden.

In this post I’ve also included some info that should have gone in the Optional Details part of my request form. As the section title implies, none of these are obligatory, they’re just ideas that I thought might help.

01. Lost Souls
    ¬ Steve/Ghost;
  •  A fic about their school days with a focus on their friendship & how it developed into what we see in the book, while looking at how, when Steve found out about Ghost being magic. Was Steve too afraid to bring it up directly? Did Ghost tell him? Or is it just an unspoken acceptance that was never really discussed?
  • A post-novel, future!fic concentrating on them edging out of the boundaries of friendship and into a relationship, or they can already be in an established relationship.

- Anything with Steve & Ghost as the focus will be epic. Feel free to include any of the other characters from the book.

02. Fight Club
    ¬Jack/Angel Face, Jack/Marla, Tyler/Angel Face, Tyler/Jack, Tyler/Marla

  •  A fic where Tyler returns to punish Jack for shooting him by destroying, -- or rather fixing -- his now mundane life. Tyler plans to re-establish Project Mayhem with the aid of Angel Face, who has been in charge of fight club during Tyler’s hiatus. As a therapeutic step to getting over Tyler, Jack & Angel Face have been meeting to have private fight club sessions. How long, if at all, does it take for Marla to notice Tyler’s return? Is she glad he’s back? Did Jack & Marla’s relationship survive after Tyler left?

- Basically, a fic that focuses on Tyler's return & how it affects the rest of the characters. I love all the characters in Fight Club, so don't feel restricted to just the four mentioned above. If you've read it, feel free to incorporate elements from the book. The pairings can be implied as either past or current relationships. Just so you know, I won't complain if you decide to give Angel Face a proper name, just as long as it's obvious who he is.

03. Rope
    ¬ Brandon/Phillip, Rupert/Brandon, Phillip/David
  •  A gen, friendship fic set while they are all at Somerville Prep. with a focus on how Brandon, Phillip & David's friendship formed, & Rupert’s philosophical influences on the boys.
  • A Phillip-centric fic examining his loyalty and relationship with Brandon.

- If Philip could be the central character, that would be great, but write whoever you’re comfortable with. Pairings in this can be implied or non-existent. You can have detailed philosophical references, or do more of an introspective, reflection fic. Whatever you can write for this, I’ll be happy with. All the characters are awesome, so if you want to include other characters from the film, by all means, go ahead.

04. Wizards of Waverly Place
    ¬ Zeke/Justin, Zeke/Harper, Justin/Harper
  • A future!fic with Zeke & Justiin returning home from uni for the holidays. Even though Yuletide is a Christmassy event, this doesn’t have to be a Christmas story.
  • A fic where Character A gets jealous of Character B and Character C’s relationship, & tries to convince his/herself that it’s because s/he wants Character C, when really they want Character B. This is so vague because I’d be happy with any placement of Zeke/Justin/Harper.

- Any Zeke-centric fic would be awesome. & if Max manages to get a mention in there somewhere, even better. Alex can be included, too. In fact, if you get the urge to write in other characters from the show, go for it.

If any of this sounds dauntingly precise, just remember that they’re more like guidelines. Feel free to alter anything that you think might hinder your creativity, or if you have another plot idea, feel free to disregard this post all together. I don’t want you to feel limited in what you can write. This is supposed to be a fun challenge, so don’t stress & enjoy it. To be honest, I’m just excited that someone is taking the time to write a fic for me, so I’ll be overly-happy with anything you write.